Data Retention and Terms of Service

The terms of service and data retention for VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly known as Tanzu Observability by Wavefront) differ depending on the contract your company has with VMware. This page gives a summary and links to some relevant information.

Data Retention

A production instance retains different types of data for different amounts of time. While this is subject to change, here are the default settings:

Type of DataRetention
  • For persistent (default) metrics, 18 months of full-resolution (no downsampling).
  • For ephemeral metrics, 28 days of data detention.
See Metric Types per Retention Period.
counters 18 months of data retention.
histograms 6 months of data retention.
spans 7 days of retention. With spans, we use Intelligent Sampling. Use trace sampling policies explicitly exclude certain spans.

Terms of Service

Your Terms of Service are different depending on when you became a customer.

Production clusters currently offer 18 months of full-resolution (no downsampling) data retention for persistent metrics, 28 days for ephemeral metrics, 6 months for histograms, and 7 days for spans. We also have an uptime guarantee, as well as High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) options.

If you became a customer on or after August 17, 2017:

Terms of Service: See the VMware General Terms and the VMware Cloud Services Guide.
Privacy Policy: See above General Terms

If you became a customer before August 17, 2017:

Terms of Service: See your Service Agreement
Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy