Learn about the Dynatrace Integration.

This page provides an overview of what you can do with the Dynatrace integration. The documentation pages only for a limited number of integrations contain the setup steps and instructions. If you do not see the setup steps here, navigate to the Operations for Applications GUI. The detailed instructions for setting up and configuring all integrations, including the Dynatrace integration are on the Setup tab of the integration.

  1. Log in to your Operations for Applications instance.
  2. Click Integrations on the toolbar, search for and click the Dynatrace tile.
  3. Click the Setup tab and you will see the most recent and up-to-date instructions.

Dynatrace Integration

Dynatrace is an AI-powered, full-stack, automated performance management solution. This integration collects the metrics from a Dynatrace SaaS environment and sends them to Wavefront.

Add a Dynatrace Integration

The Dynatrace integration is an AI-powered, full-stack, automated performance management solution. This integration collects the metrics from a Dynatrace SaaS environment and sends them to VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly known as Tanzu Observability by Wavefront).


In this initial release of the Dynatrace integration, we have the following limitations:

  • Billing metrics are not allowed and fetched with this release.
  • If the point tags are with Annotations Key Length Limit greater than 64, the metrics associated with the corresponding point tag will be dropped.
  • For metrics with the resolution other than the value of 1 minute (1m), there could be data loss as these metrics might have different resolution, such as 5 minutes or 1 hour.

Obtain the Environment ID and Generate an API Token

To set up the Dynatrace integration, you must provide the environment ID and a valid API token.

  1. Log in to your Dynatrace account.
  2. Click the user icon in the header, and from the context menu, select your user name.
  3. Under the Environment access and settings section, click the name of the environment that you want to monitor.
  4. Copy the Environment ID shown in the URL of the form https://your-environment-id.live.dynatrace.com and paste it in a text file.
  5. Click Access Tokens in the navigation menu.
  6. In the Access Tokens page, click the Generate new token button.
  7. In the Token name text box, enter the name for the API token.
  8. From the list of scopes, select Read metrics (metrics.read) and Read entities (entities.read), and click the Generate button.
  9. Copy the generated token by clicking the Copy button and paste it in a text file.

Register the Dynatrace Integration

After you copy the environment ID and the generated API token, follow these steps:

  1. In the Name text box, enter a meaningful name.
  2. In the Environment ID text box, provide the environment ID.
  3. In the API Token text box, provide the API token.

    The API Token is securely stored and never exposed except for read-only access to fetch data from the Dynatrace Operations server.

  4. (Optional) In the Metric Allow List text box, add metrics to an allow list by entering a regular expression. For example:
    • To fetch only Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic metrics, enter: ^dynatrace.(.*)(tomcat|weblogic).*$
    • To fetch only Kubernetes metrics, enter: ^dynatrace.(.*)(cloud.kubernetes).*$
    • To fetch only host performance metrics, enter: ^dynatrace.(.*)(host).*$
    • To fetch only Synthetic metrics, enter: ^dynatrace.(.*)(synthetic).*$
  5. (Optional) Change the Service Refresh Rate. The default is 5 minutes.
  6. Click Register.


See Dynatrace documentation for all supported Metrics and Metric descriptions.

Metric Name Description
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.cluster.cores_millicores Total allocatable CPU cores per Kubernetes cluster.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.cluster.memoryLimit_byte Total memory limit per Kubernetes cluster.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.cluster.nodes_count Total nodes per Kubernetes cluster.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.node.cores_millicores Total allocatable CPU cores per Kubernetes node.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.node.memory_byte Total allocatable memory per Kubernetes node.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.pod.containers_count Number of containers per workload, split by container state.
dynatrace.builtin.cloud.kubernetes.workload.pods_count Number of pods per workload and phase.
dynatrace.builtin.containers.cpu.limit_millicores CPU resource limit per container in millicores.
dynatrace.builtin.containers.cpu.logicalCores Number of logical CPU cores of the host.
dynatrace.builtin.containers.memory.limitPercent Containers: Memory limit, % of physical memory.
dynatrace.builtin.containers.memory.usagePercent Containers: Memory usage, % of limit.
dynatrace.builtin.host.cpu.idle_percent Average CPU idle time over the last period.
dynatrace.builtin.host.cpu.load_ratio System load.
dynatrace.builtin.host.availability_percent Host availability %
dynatrace.builtin.host.cpu.steal_percent Average CPU steal time over the last period.
dynatrace.builtin.host.cpu.system_percent Average CPU system time over the last period.
dynatrace.builtin.host.disk.avail_byte Amount of disk available.
dynatrace.builtin.host.disk.bytesRead_bytepersecond Disk read bytes per second.
dynatrace.builtin.host.disk.inodesTotal_count Amount of inodes.
dynatrace.builtin.host.dns.errorCount Number of DNS errors by type.
dynatrace.builtin.host.mem.swap.avail_byte Amount of swap available.
dynatrace.builtin.host.mem.total_byte Amount of total memory.
dynatrace.builtin.host.net.bytesRx_bytepersecond Host bytes received.
dynatrace.builtin.host.net.bytesTx_bytepersecond Host bytes sent.
dynatrace.builtin.host.osProcessStats.osProcessCount Number of processes running on host.
dynatrace.builtin.host.osProcessStats.pgiCount Number of PGIs present on host, includes PGIs not reported to cluster.
dynatrace.builtin.pgi.availability_percent PGI availability %
dynatrace.builtin.queue.incoming_requests_count Queue incoming requests.
dynatrace.builtin.queue.outgoing_requests_count Queue outgoing requests.
dynatrace.builtin.service.cpu.time_microsecond Service CPU time.
dynatrace.builtin.service.dbconnections.success_count Successful connections.
dynatrace.builtin.service.errors.fivexx.rate_percent Failure rate (HTTP 5xx errors).
dynatrace.builtin.service.errors.fourxx.successCount Number of calls without HTTP 4xx errors.
dynatrace.builtin.tech.customDevice.count Custom Device Count.
dynatrace.builtin.tech.jvm.memory.gc.activationCount Garbage collection total activation count.
dynatrace.builtin.tech.jvm.memory.runtime.free_byte JVM runtime free memory.
dynatrace.builtin.tech.webserver.threads.idle_count Idle worker thread count.
dynatrace.builtin.synthetic.browser.errorCodes_count Error details (by error code) [browser monitor].
dynatrace.builtin.synthetic.browser.total_count Total executions count [browser monitor].
dynatrace.builtin.synthetic.browser.total.geo_count Total executions count (by geolocation) [browser monitor].